Rhonda Butchmore, pt 1 / by Rachael Warren

It started with a wishful thought out loud by my good friend Rhonda...

"Darling, I would love to wear a dress covered in flowers!!"

This just got the cogs turning in my already slightly compulsive floral mind haha. Over the months we kept going back to the dream until eventually we sat down and worked out a plan. Because Rhonda is such an Australian icon we decided on a dress made of foraged gum leaves with a feature sash of wattle, gumnuts, and bottlebrush. 

I am so proud to say that Rhonda recently hosted guided Coutours of the Arts Centre Melbourne (a very dear place in our both of our hearts), and they decided to use our images for promotion!! It was such a massive career highlight for me to see my flower dress magnified into a giant poster size print outside the Arts Centre for the past month. Not to mention the thousands of flyers printed with my flower dress stealing the limelight (you can see an image of it below). Yes I may have stolen quite a few handfuls to give to all my nearest and dearest and paper my house - Rhonda is everywhere!! 

Enjoy the images below Flower Lovers!! The second part of this story will go more into behind the scenes of this wonderful creation  x



Photographer: Craig Francis

Model: The one and only FABULOUS Rhonda Butchmore!! 

Florist + Stylist: Stems From Her 

Florist Assistants: Cassie MacDonald & Mary Walsh

Dress making mentor: Talented Apple