Rhonda Butchmore pt 2 / by Rachael Warren

It took me a week to make Rhonda's flower dress!! I had to forage about 8 buckets of gum leaves from around my house and the carpark at my local grocery store. The morning I set out to find bottle brush and wattle before work was quite surreal - never in my wildest dreams would I imagine this was my life when I first started doing floristry haha. 

I had never made a man size flower dress before and loosely went off the direction from my amazingly talented friend Emily from Talented Apple. She showed me the basics for measuring the dimensions of a human body and I followed those rules of thumb when I started moulding Rhonda's dress out of chicken wire (very classy Darlings!). After that I had help from fellow floral friend, Cassie MacDonald and together we started attaching stems of gum to the wire frame - it turned out so much more amazing then I had hoped! 

Rhonda rocked the dress on the day, pulling out all the sexy poses (some not so sexy) and even having a glass of wine and sneaky cigarette in it!! (See part 1 of this story for those images) 


Photographer: Craig Francis

Model: The one and only FABULOUS Rhonda Butchmore!! 

Florist + Stylist: Stems From Her 

Florist Assistants: Cassie MacDonald & Mary Walsh

Dress making mentor: Talented Apple